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The Warrior Creed
Wherever I am,
Anyone in need has a friend.

Whenever I return home,
Everyone is happy I am there.

Ninja Kids Graphics

Hey kids, got a cool graphic? Email it to us and we'll put it up here! Please include your first name, last initial, and your age.  Click on image to see it larger!


Asiel.gif (17451 bytes)

Asiel D., age 14


Anthony H., age 16


ninjablock.jpg (55667 bytes)

Tara L., age 15

jarjar.jpg (24213 bytes)

Jherin M., age 10

Japanese kabuki drawing.jpg (242038 bytes)

Damon P., age 13


Alex 2.jpg (20371 bytes)

Alex M., 15


zac_s.jpg (82387 bytes)

Zac S., Age 13


Zach-Picture-1b.jpg (25233 bytes)

Zachary B., age 8


ninja_russ.gif (20918 bytes)

Russell, 13


Mike-M,-16.jpg (24854 bytes)

Mike M., 16


ninja.gif (4050 bytes)


Alena B., age 12

Danny H., age 7

Bobby T., age 7

Roy., age 13

Danny, age 7

Damon P., age 9

Flare, age 16

Mike, age 12

Nathan, age 12

Suzanne B., age 14

Jaakko T., Age 17


Marcel, age 14

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